Archbishop Spyridon Statements
The Lonely Path of Integrity
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Archbishop Spyridon Statements

July 4, 2004

On the Greek victory at the European Soccer Championship


May 1, 2004

On the new controversy Ecumenical Patriarchate - Church of Greece


February 23, 2004

On the restructuring of the Patriarchal Synod


November 10, 2003

On the controversy Ecumenical Patriarchate - Church of Greece


September 12, 2003

On an imminent vacancy in the Archdiocese of Australia


December 6, 2001

On the World Conference of SAE  


November 26, 2001

On a visit to New York in November 2001


September 11, 2001

On terrorism and the 9/11 attack  


April 30, 2001

On a future vacancy in the Metropolitanate of Rhodes


January 21, 2001

On the use of photos in "The Lonely Path Of Integrity"


June 12, 2000

On the Greek Identity cards issue